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Decor Ideas

The Art of Stamping can be used for many things other than paper crafts.  You can stamp on anything that doesn't move, with the right types of inks. 

 Stamping on Walls 

After rennovating our kitchen a few years ago - the walls were looking just a little too plain for me.  So of course I broke out my stamp sets and used acrylic paints to stamp grapes and leaves on my walls.  I still love it 4 years later!

This project went so well that I then broke out the stamps and did the walls in the newly rennovated bathroom.  I used the now retired Shape of Things stamp set to make the squares with acrylic paints.  I then stamped the beach scene images from the Sketches and Seaside Sketches stamp sets to stamp people on top of the squares.  This idea was inspried by a wallpaper border that I saw at a friends house.  What great images to enhance our view of the beach from our bathroom! 

Decor Elements - and now Stampin' UP! has designed the Decor Elements line.  I love these!!  They are the great Stampin' Up!'s copywrited images in vinyl elements that adhere to your walls without damaging paint or walls.

This is a decor element that my friend Suzanne used to brighten up her office space. 
Perfect to personalize your work space!
Emily's Bedroom
This next set of pictures is from my teenage daughter's bedroom.  She decided that she wanted to re-paint so started to strip off all of the wallpaper (of course on her own without asking me)...  So that kind of forced my hand.  She was 12 at the time.  Then she chose out a bright pink and green paints - one of my favorite color combinations for teen girls...  and just as we finished the job - Stampin' Up! came out with large floral decor elements that matched perfectly the color of the room!!  So - these are a couple of shots of the decor elements that she applied to her walls.  I showed her how to use the decor elements and then she kicked me out of the room...