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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow storm Blog Hop - Boston MA

So I was on an online chat group this morning talking to Stampin' UP! Demos around the country.  My discussion started with Sandy Moriarty who lives in Slanesville, West Virginia.  Sandy was in the middle of the snow storm that is traveling across the middle of the country toward the coast.  Then Carol Smith joined the discussion from Schellsburg, PA which is not too far from West Virginia.  It was also snowing very heavy there.  They estimated that they had about 8 inches at about 10:30 in the morning.

Amanda Frankel joined in the conversation from Burr Ridge, IL.  They have quite a bit of snow as the Chicago area usually does.  I think they got their snow Tuesday.  Liz Hamman joined in and it was also snowing there in Winchester, VA (northern VA not too far from West VA).

Last but not least is Robbie Rubala who lived in Maryland.  It was just raining there in the morming when we were talking.

So we were discussing the storm and its travels across the mid-west to the east coast.   We thought that it would be really fun to do a blog hop of the snow storm and how much each area has received.

So today, Wednesday, it has been raining and sleeting on and off all day.  The temperature has been hovering around 34.  The snow is supposed to start around 7am Thursday morning and the prediction is that we will have 4" to 8".   I live 25 miles north of Boston, MA in Tewksbury, MA.,  just south of Nashua, NH.  So we are usually on the higher side of the estimates as we are not near the water.  They are predicting that it will start snowing at 7am and snow through the day Friday.

Stay tuned to see how the storm falls!!  I will post pictures first thing tomorrow morning and throughout the day Thursday and Friday morning.  So it will most likely have stopped snowing for my friends in West VA, VA and PA.

If you are on the blog hop, you should be coming here from Liz Hamman's blog from Winchester, Virginia.  The next stop on the blog is Sandy Moriarty's blog from West Virginia.

Thursday - I will update pics during the day
8:30 Thursday
Good Morning!!  It is 8:30 here and the snow hasn't really started yet.  It is just spitting a little.  Last night at 10:30 it was also snowing lightly as it is this morning.  I think it is too warm for the snow to stick.  So I took some before pics this morning....

 I live in an old farmhouse so this is looking from the deck off the back of house next to our barn into our back yard...  You can see the remnants of the last storm from 3 weeks ago.  The drift along the side of our barn was over 2 feet high.  The last storm was a foot of light snow and very strong winds.  So there was a lot of drifting.

THis is a picture of our driveway and my car with just a light dusting.  The snow along the side of our driveway is what is left from the last storm.

So the news is saying that the storm "has a strong hold" on the south side of Boston and is traveling our way!

I will add more pics throughout the day!

3:30pm Thursday
Well it has been snowing all day but not sticking.  I think the temp has just dropped as now it is starting to stick.

Friday morning

Well - it has now been snowing all night and this is what it looked like at 8am this morning.  We are in the heart of the storm now...

 The first two pics are from 8am.  We had 7 inches of snow and it is snowing about an inch an hour.  

So we are supposed to have new kitchen appliances delivered 
today.  So I cleaned a path off on the back deck since that goes directly into the kitchen and is the widest door.  
This is 45  min. later..  It is definitely snowing an inch an hour at this point.
This is what our driveway looks like less than an hour after we have cleaned it out. 

A great day to clean out the craft room and work on the new blog format!!

5:00pm Friday

So the snow stopped around 4pm.  So this is what it looked like cleaning up the second time on Friday...  

The it was 46 here on Saturday so it is all melting now...  But there is still a lot!

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1 comment:

Sandy said...

Looks like the snow is starting to stick. Let us know how it ends up. Sure hope you don't get all that wind they are getting on the coast. Stay safe and stay warm. Hugs.