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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Fun - Cake Decorating - Which one is mine?

Good Morning! Where has the summer gone? It is just disappearing too fast!

I just thought that I would post some of the fun things that Emily and I have been doing for the summer. She has wanted to take a cake decorating class for the past couple of years. So for her birthday I signed us up! We are having a great time, although it is not helping me with staying on my "healthy" food diet.

The first class was an introduction and a demonstration of how to frost and decorate a cake. The second class, last night, we got to play around with the frosting and learned how to make clowns from frosting. It was fun and we were a mess when we got home! Neither one of us threw a cake against the wall either!

Next week I need to take a camera. There were some beautiful cakes and color combinations!

So my question for this week is - which cake is mine and which is Emily's???

Let us know your votes!

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1 comment:

Barbara said...

CUTE! Bottom one yours?