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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fresh Ideas from my Demo Meeting

Each January my Stampin' Family gets together to enjoy a post Holiday party.  We have found over the years that before the Holidays is just too busy to have a Holiday party.  So a few years ago, we started holding ours in January when things have slowed down a bit.

I love this party!!  The best part is we each make an item with a Christmas theme to swap.  And it is an old-fashioned Yankee swap.  Each person picks a number and gets to pick a gift in the order of the numbers.  After each person opens their gift, they can exchange their gift with a gift that was previously opened.  Then at the end, the person with number 1 gets to swap out their item for something else if there is something they like better.  As you can image, it can get very competitive if there is an item that everyone wants!

Here are a couple of the items that were swapped last night.  I swapped my Victorian Christmas Candle that I had made a few weeks ago.

Karen Gagnon - my sideline and partner in crime made this beautiful wreath!  She had given me one for my birthday - so I already had one!

Michele LaCerda made a beautiful Christmas scrapbook.  I unfortunately don't have a good picture of the front of the book.  Here is a side picture.  Gave me a great ideas for a Mother's Day gift class!

 Lisa Fuller made this great Christmas frame
with Christmas designer papers.

Nancy Flanagan found this really cool tape dispenser in the shape of a shoe!  So she of course added some girly bling to it!  It was just beautiful!
And Laura Perioria made this cute Winter Survival Kit.  A little basket with tissues, Halls cough drops and sanitizer in it!  How cute!

We had such fun!!  I'll post pictures of cards from the night over the next couple of days.

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