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Monday, February 13, 2012

Computer Update - Lessons Learned

So I have learned the hard way to backup your computer on a regular schedule!!  My computer is now back up and running but I lost all my files from last October to last week.  And worst of all I lost all my photos from the past two years (all photos that were in the My Pictures Directory).  That included all my pictures of creations that I had made and all of my family photos from events for the past two years.  The only pictures I have are the items that I have posted on my blogs.

The first thing that I did on Saturday was to contract with an online service that backs up my PC on a daily basis.  I went with  It is $5 per month and the program runs on your machine in the background and backs up your files every day to their "cloud" center.  You can also access your files remotely (through their cloud data center) from other PCs etc. via their site. 

The most painful loss is the photos from our family trips last year.  I had just finished a digital scrapbook of the trip that we took to New York City for my daughter Emily's 16th birthday.  Fortunately, I had that book printed off through My Digital Studio. 

But I had not backed up a book that I was working on for our trip to Bermuda last year.   I had two pages left to finish and was then going to print the book.  Everything is gone.  All of the pictures and all the work that I had put into the Digital book.  I am trying to get copies of pictures from my sister-in-laws to recreate what I can.  But I lost the pictures that were from my camera.

So learn from my mistakes and make sure that you back up your PC at least weekly!!

Stay tuned for posting of new items!!

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